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Shenmue III is a 2019 adventure game developed by Ys Net, published by Deep Silver for Windows and PlayStation 4. Like the previous Shenmue games, it consists of open-world environments interspersed with brawler battles and quick time events. It features a day-and-night system, variable weather effects, non-player characters with daily schedules, and various minigames. The story continues teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki's quest to find his father's killer in the mountains of 1980s Guilin, China.

Like the previous Shenmue games, the player controls teenage martial artist Ryo Hazuki, who is searching for his father's killer. Most of the game is spent exploring the open world in Guilin, China, searching for clues, examining objects and talking to non-player characters for information. The game features a 3D fighting system similar to the Virtua Fighter series; Ryo can practice moves to increase their power.In quick time events, the player must press the right buttons at the right moment to succeed.Ryo can earn money through minigames such as gambling, fishing, woodchopping, and forklift driving, and by selling foraged herbs.


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Ryo learns that Lan Di's father, Sunming Zhao, visited Bailu Village with Ryo's father to train under the local grandmaster. Zhao died under mysterious circumstances several years later. Ryo also discovers that the phoenix and dragon mirrors were created by Yuan’s grandfather at the request of the Chinese emperor. Their creation is connected to the local Verdant Bridge, constructed to honor the visitation of a Chinese envoy.Ryo locates the thug hideout, but is defeated again by Yanlang. He convinces Sun, a local martial arts master, to teach him a powerful Bajiquan move, and uses it to defeat Yanlang. A village elder helps them discover a map to the treasure connected to the mirrors. Ryo fends off an attack from Lan Di's henchman Chai, who reveals that Yuan and Xu have been taken to the city of Niaowu. Ryo and Shenhua travel to Niaowu by boat. Ryo learns that a local gang, the Red Snakes, is holding Yuan and Xu. Ryo encounters his ally from Hong Kong, Ren, who has come to Niaowu looking for treasure. Ryo discovers the Red Snakes’ hideout, but is defeated by their boss and his animalistic fighting style. Ryo enlists Ren, but is defeated again.


Shenmue 3 for android

Ryo and Ren approach the hideout, but find only Li Feng, a mysterious woman whom Ryo has encountered several times in the Niaowu. She tells them that the Red Snakes have kidnapped Shenhua, and taken across the river to a fortified castle; she will be released only if he brings them the Phoenix Mirror. Ryo convinces Bei to take him and Ren by boat. Before departing, Ren reveals that he has purchased a counterfeit phoenix mirror, believing it could be useful. The three cross the river with Hsu, a former student of Bei, and Lin Shiling, the maiden of a loal shrine. Ryo and Ren infiltrate the castle while the others guard the perimeter. Ryo finds Yuan and Xu trapped in a cell; Ryo defeats Chai again and releases them. They encounter a Chi You Men leader, Niao Sun, and realize she is Li Feng's true identity. Ryo gives her the real phoenix mirror to save Shenhua, and Niao Sun tells them Lan Di is up ahead. Ryo and Ren fight their way to the top of the castle, defeat the Red Snakes’ boss, and find Lan Di. Ryo challenges him to a fight, but Lan Di easily defeats him. Ren offers Lan Di the counterfeit phoenix mirror in exchange for Ryo’s life. Lan Di accepts, but Ren hurls the mirror out of a window. Niao Sun has her men burn the castle to kill Lan Di and consolidate her power, and Ryo and Ren escape.

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