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In 2028, Jacob Rivers becomes the sole survivor of his Resistance unit that was deployed in Pasadena. While evading Skynet patrols, Jacob makes an alliance with a group of human civilian survivors composed of Jennifer and her surrogate brother Patrick, an elderly man named Ryan, scavenger Colin, and hospital nurse Erin. While gathering supplies for the survivors, Jacob meets up with a Tech-Com unit led by Commander Jessica Baron, and learns that she was forced to abandon her unit during the attack on Pasadena in order to minimize further resistance casualties.

Recruited into Baron's unit, Jacob is tasked with carrying out reconnaissance missions in order to cripple Skynet. While carrying out his mission, Jacob is pursued by a Terminator infiltrator unit, and receives unexpected aid from an unidentified stranger. Convinced of the threat of the infiltrator unit, Baron provides shelter to the human civilians in Jacob's care. After suffering a sabotage in the Resistance defense systems, Rivers finally disables the infiltrator unit pursuing him. With the Infiltrator units now a known threat, John tasks Jacob with seeking out scientist Dr. Edwin Mack in order to enlist his aid for combatting Skynet. Upon meeting Mack, Jacob learns that Mack has developed the means to hack into Skynet's network and reprogram their forces into fighting for the Resistance; Skynet has been learning at a geometric rate; and Skynet has been creating Time Displacement Equipment in order to wipe out the Resistance. Mack provides Jacob the means to seek out the location of Skynet's central core, and requests Rivers to capture a Terminator's CPU in order to help reprogram Terminators for the Resistance. While carrying out his task, Jacob meets up with the Stranger, and is warned of an impending attack by Skynet.


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At this point, the fate of Jacob's allies become determinant on how much trust he has built up with them and whether or not he convinces them to leave the Resistance shelter; while also having to choose between warning Mack or assassinating him on Baron's orders due to an incident that left her lover killed by a Terminator. Jacob leads an ill-fated raid on the Griffith Observatory where the Skynet Core was believed to be located. However, Jacob becomes the sole survivor once again, with the Stranger dying to protect him. To make matters worse, Skynet assaults the main Resistance Shelter, annihilating Baron's unit in the process. Left with no other choice, and knowing the true location of the Skynet Core, Jacob brings his findings to John. While meeting with John, Jacob learns that the Stranger was his future self from an alternate timeline, and had helped play a key role in assaulting Skynet with John.


Terminator: Resistance for android

Jacob and John lead a main assault force on Skynet's Time Displacement Equipment, while another Resistance unit destroys the Core. Despite the Resistance being victorious, Skynet succeeds in sending three Terminators before their defeat. The first one to kill Sarah Connor; The second one to kill John as a child; and the third Terminator tasked to kill Jacob at the beginning of the game. The game ends when Jacob makes the decision to either travel back in time to protect his younger self, or stay in the present and have another Resistance soldier take his place as the protector instead.

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